Chibimation para PC & Android – Download [v1.0.0]

Chibimation is a very ambitious project that aims to completely change the Gacha MODs community, offering a new application based on Gacha Club that brings with it a lot of new features and additional functionalities. Formerly known as Gacha Designer, Chibimation is by far the most promising project currently within the Gacha Club MODs.

Name: Chibimation
Devices: Android, PC
Size: Unknown
Version: v1.0
Update: To be confirmed
Price Free Download

What's included in Chibimation? - Leaks and What's New

The amount of functionality planned to be included in this new MOD is so incredible that it literally looks like a new game, much more carefully crafted than the original Gacha Club app. Heeding the needs of the Gacha player community, Chibimation plans to incorporate such useful features as the following:

  • Hundreds of new high quality assets, which individually would make it the most complete MOD available today.
  • Option to export in PNG format only the character.
  • New aesthetic interface.
  • Option to import your own assets inside the game.


When will be the official launch of Chibimation?

Undoubtedly, the launch of Chibimation would be a before and after without counting on what it promises. Unfortunately, we will still have to wait a great deal of time before we can see it come out. According to the developers, there are still at least months to go before we begin to know the exact date.

The good thing is that the Gacha Life and Gacha Club community is more alive than ever, and we have such interesting and promising releases as Gacha Nebula, which is about to be released.

How to download Ghibimation for Windows PC?

For now it is not known if the MOD will have a working version on Windows (surely yes), so we will have to wait for its release. In the meantime, you can check out other Gacha MODs for PC interesting.