Download Apps (APK) and Games for PC (Windows 7, 8 & 10)

Download Android apps for PC

There are apps that are so good, that many people seek to be able to replicate them on their PC even though there are other alternatives that might be better. It’s worth noting that some apps, such as WhatsApp, have their own official PC version, so you won’t need to use an emulator to use them. These are some of the most famous Android apps that can be used on Windows:

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Download free games for PC Windows 10, 8 and 7

On our website you can download all kinds of games for PC totally free, these are some of the most prominent:

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Best emulators for PC (All consoles)

Here are the best emulators out there for each of the consoles. Basically, PC emulators allow us to access a large number of games for free, and almost any console can be emulated.

Nintendo Games for PC

With all these emulators, you can access all the content of decades of video game history for free. Aquí te dejo algunos de los juegos exclusivos de Nintendo que te podrían interesar:

Download games and apps for Windows PC 7, 8 and 10

Although nowadays cell phones are quite developed, every good internet user is not comfortable until they are on their precious PC. Being usually the most powerful device, the PC is usually capable of emulating applications and games from other devices, such as Android, for example.

Almost any famous mobile app can be emulated seamlessly from a PC by using an Android emulator for PC. This also includes most mobile games, which are often more comfortable to play on a PC, getting the advantage of playing against users who are on their mobile.

As you can imagine, some apps are more useful than others when used on a PC, depending mainly on how they are designed. Therefore, on this website we compile all kinds of content that may be interesting to download for PC (Windows).