Download 2170 for PC (Windows 10, 8 y 7)

2170 is a third-person shooter video game with an open world, which takes place in a post-apocalyptic world in which we will find a devastated city in which the only human who has survived is our protagonist.

2170 for Pc

The story of the game is based on how the world was shattered after trying to create robots with artificial intelligence, which went out of control and managed to dominate the world, leaving only one human survivor. It is a game that looks very good but is still in development, so we have to stay tuned to not miss its release.

Play 2170 on Windows PC

When playing 2170 we will find a devastated world in which we will be the last survivors. Our mission will be to confront the “Furies”, robots with artificial intelligence that were created by humans. To do this we will have to travel through the 7 continents in which there are seven servers that we will have to disconnect.

In each level we will find a server that, once disconnected, will allow us to liberate a continent. To overcome the missions we will have to shoot all the enemies we find, without letting them hurt us.

Download 2170 free for PC Windows

2170 is a video game that is still in its development phase. As soon as its final version is available you will be able to download it totally free for Pc from this website.

Data sheet of 2170 for PC

Name 2170
Genre Science Fiction, Indie, Shooter, Open World
Developer FireflyStudio
Update date March 2020