Download Deezloader Remix for PC 4.4.1 – Windows 7, 8 y 10

Deezloader Remix is one of the best applications to download music from Deezer that you can find on the Internet. What not many people know is that Deezloader is available on PC, for Windows 7, 8 and 10, and not only on Android in APK format.

What is Deezloader Remix and what is it for

This great software allows us to download songs in MP3 and FLAC format from the database of the famous application Deezer which, after Spotify, is one of the most prominent music streamings. In the app itself we will have a music search engine to find those songs that we want to download from the database of Deezloader Remix.

deezloader remix for pc

The versions of Deezloader Remix for PC and Android are identical, since the PC version is a port of the initial Android application. It should be said that this application, initially named Deezloader, has gone through subsequent versions. After the abandonment of its developer, Deezloader Reborn came to light and, after this, the current version of Deezloader Remix.

How to download Deezloader Remix for PC

This application is totally free and is meant to work flawlessly on Windows 7, 8 and 10. Downloading and installation are very simple, but activating the application will cost you some more time (check the tutorial below here).

wrong deezloaderc

Update – The development of this application has been discontinued, and it has been replaced by the already known Deemix, which offers basically the same of Deezloader Remix.

How to activate the user token in Deezloader Remix

This process is identical to the one to follow when activating Deemix, so we recommend you go through that article to review how to get the ARL token for your Deezer account.