FITE for PC (v7.2) – Download Latest Version [2023]

Are you passionate about combat sports and looking for an exciting way to enjoy your favorite events online? Look no further! FITE is the platform you need to experience all the action of your favorite combat sports from the comfort of your home. In this article, I’ll show you how FITE has become the number one destination for fans of wrestling, boxing, mixed martial arts and more.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the intensity of the fights and discover all that FITE has to offer.

Download FITE for PC, Android & iOS :
Name: FITE
Devices: Android, PC
Size: 16’3 MB
Version: v7.2
Update: 15/06/2023
Price Free

FITE’s most prominent functions and features:

  • Live Event Streaming: FITE gives you access to a wide range of live sporting events, including boxing matches, professional wrestling, mixed martial arts, wrestling and more. You can watch the fights in real time, without missing a single punch, and experience all the excitement as if you were in the front row.
  • On-demand content library: In addition to live broadcasts, FITE also has an extensive library of on-demand content. You can access past fights, talk shows, documentaries and other combat sports-related content. Relive the most exciting moments and discover fascinating stories behind the fighters.
  • Multiplatform Access: FITE is available on multiple devices, including smart TVs, computers, tablets and cell phones. You can enjoy your favorite bouts at home or while on the go, adapting to your lifestyle and viewing preferences.
  • Exclusive and original content: The platform offers exclusive content and original productions you won’t find anywhere else. From talk shows with top fighters to documentary series that take you behind the scenes, FITE provides you with a unique and enriching experience.
  • Interaction and community: FITE allows you to interact with other fans through its live chat feature during broadcasts. You can discuss bouts, exchange opinions and connect with a passionate community of combat sports fans.

Other alternative and similar applications to FITE:

  1. UFC: This app is a must-have for mixed martial arts fans. It gives you access to Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fights, including live streams, replays, exclusive content and more.
  2. DAZN: With DAZN, you can enjoy a wide range of sports, including boxing, mixed martial arts, soccer, basketball and more. The platform offers live streams, replays and original content, all in one place.
  3. ESPN+: This application allows you to access a wide variety of live and on-demand sports, including boxing matches, mixed martial arts, basketball, soccer, baseball and more. It also offers exclusive programs and analysis content.
  4. WWE Network: If you’re a wrestling fan, WWE Network is the perfect app for you. You can enjoy live events, classic shows, documentaries and much more related to the world of WWE.

These apps give you exciting options to enjoy your favorite combat sports and explore additional content related to them. Choose the one that catches your attention and get ready to dive into the world of action and adrenaline!