Download Best Gamecube Emulator for PC – Windows 7, 8 and 10

The GameCube has not been one of the most popular Nintendo consoles, but those who had it in their possession had a special affection for it. Luckily, today we have a fantastic Gamecube emulator for PC that allows us to enjoy its best titles from Windows and Mac.

Name O.S. Console Size Download
Dolphin Windows GameCube y Wii 5 MB Download Emulator
RetroArch Windows, Linux y macOS GameCube, GameBoy, GBA, Atari y muchas consolas más 166 MB Download Emulator
SuperGCube Windows GameCube 1469 Kb Download Emulator
WhineCube Windows GameCube 1043 Kb Download Emulator
GCEmu Windows GameCube 3069 Kb Download Emulator

What is the best Gamecube emulator for PC?

The emulator we are talking about is, specifically, Dolphin, a Gamecube and Wii emulator for PC that has established itself as the leading option in the emulation of several consoles. It is a software that we can download for free, and that has compatibility with many of the games of these consoles.

Although it is true that there are some other options on the Internet, Dolphin is undoubtedly the most solid of all, both for compatibility and performance. It is one of the most careful emulators by developers, and has an impeccable track record that supports it.

How to download and install Gamecube emulator for PC?

Dolphin emulator can be downloaded for free from our website or from the official website of the emulator. The installation process is as simple as any other program, so you only have to open the .exe file and follow the installation steps.

Link – Download Dolphin for PC

How to download and install Gamecube games for emulator?

Dolphin emulator works through ROMs of Gamecube games, which you can easily find on the internet for free. Just search for Gamecube ROMs on Google and choose from all the available options. Most popular games are very accessible and easy to find.

To install the games, it is as simple as putting them in the folder that Dolphin offers us for it. Once we have the game in that folder, we can play it whenever we want normally, as if it were a GameCube.