Download Nintendo GBA Emulator for PC – Windows 7, 8 and 10

The Nintendo GBA is, for many twenty-somethings today, the first portable console that came into their hands. However, today, it is possible to download Nintendo GBA emulator for Windows PC and enjoy its entire catalog of games for free. The best of all is that it is super simple, do you want to know how?

emulador gba para pc

Name O.S. Consoles Size Download
VisualBoyAdvance Windows GameBoy, GameBoy Color / GameBoy Advance 20 MB Download Emulator
No $ GBA Windows GameBoy Advance / Nintendo DS 210 KB Download Emulator
BoycottAdvance Windows / Browser GameBoy Advance 1.5 MB Download Emulator
BatGBA Windows GameBoy Advance 230 KB Download Emulator
Higan Windows, Linux / macOS NES, SNES, GameBoy Color / GameBoy Advance 5 MB Download Emulator
DreamGBA Windows GameBoy Advance 126 KB Download Emulator
RascalBoy Advance Windows GameBoy Advance 275 KB Download Emulator
mGBA Windows GameBoy Advance 26.2 MB Download Emulator
Mednafen Windows NES, SNES, GameBoy Advance … 13.5 MB Download Emulator
WinDS Pro Windows, Linus / macOS Nintendo DS, GameBoy / GameBoy Advance 98.9 MB Download Emulator

What is the best GBA emulator for PC?

The most acclaimed emulator among Nintendo GBA emulators is VisualBoyAdvance, a powerful software with which you can access the vast majority of GBA and Gameboy Color games for free.

Despite being discontinued, VBA still works perfectly, basically because there is nothing to update, no new features to add. Its powerful performance and the great compatibility it offers with the list of games make it the best choice.

How to download and install NINTENDO GBA emulator for PC?

The emulator, like many others, is completely free. It can be downloaded from our own website without any problems, since the official developer’s website is no longer available. The installation is summarized in open the .exe file and follow the installation steps.

Link – Download VisualBoyAdvance for PC

How to download and install GBA games for emulator?

On the Internet we have available numerous websites where you can find ROMs of GBA games. In them you can download for free the vast majority of GBA titles to emulate them with VBA. It is best to download a pack that allows us to access many games without having to download them one by one. Here we leave you a pack with more than 80 GBA games to use with your emulator.

Link – Download gba roms pack

The installation of the ROMs in the emulator is summarized in finding the folder for them and insert the games inside it. If you have problems to follow the steps, you can find more information in our post about VBA.