Download Geeni app for PC (remote control of home automation devices)

Geeni (Android & iOS) is a mobile application that will allow you to control smart appliances and home automation elements of your home. Control your home from anywhere in the house from your dsipositive, the application also allows even remote control from culaquierr point on the planet, provided there is sufficient connection.


With Geeni for PC we can take advantage of all the benefits offered by this application from our Windows, obtaining an identical service to the mobile app. This application is ideal to get the most out of your home, raise and lower blinds to your liking to suit your schedule. Deter burglars by making it look like your home is inhabited while you are on vacation. Keep an eye on your family members through video cameras or use them as a home security system. Consult data and information about the state and conditions of your house, humidity, temperature etc. All this from the simple Geeni application.

Geeni functions and features:

  • Easy control of each device
  • Choice of a color.
  • Group control devices.
  • Smart scenes for automated actions.
  • On/off programming.
  • Sharing among members of your choice.
  • Cloud from any phone.

How to install Geeni for PC (Windows 7, 8 and 10)

Since Geeni is an application that a priori is only available on Android and iOS, we will need to use an emulator for PC that allows us to install and use it on Windows. To do this, we will only need to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Download and install BlueStacks on Windows.
  2. Open BlueStacks as administrator.
  3. Download the latest version of Geeni from these two links on Drive and Mega, respectively: link1 and link2
  4. Click on the right side area “Install APK”
  5. Select the APK file you want to install.
  6. Once this is done, and after waiting for a few seconds, the application will be ready to use normally from BlueStacks.
  7. If you have any doubts about BlueStacks, you can consult our complete guide on the subject.

Following these simple instructions you can get the Geeni application with all its features from your PC.