Download Best NES Emulator for PC Windows (+600 Free ROMS)

Emulate the games of the first Nintendo console (NES), it is possible in Windows thanks to the different emulators that are available for computer, which offer us the possibility of emulating the vast majority of retro games that we could find in this great milestone of video games. Below you can see a table with thebest NES emulators for PC:

NES emulator for pc

Name S.O. Console Size Download
Months Windows and Linux NES, SNES 9.7 MB Download Emulator
VirtuaNES Windows NES 374 KB Download Emulator
Nestopia Windows, Mac OS, Linux NES 1.19 MB Download Emulator
RetroArch Windows, Mac OS, Linux NES, SNES, Nintendo, PlayStation, Wii, Gamecube, PSP, Switch and more 166 MB Download Emulator
Jnes Windows NES 501 KB Download Emulator
Nintendulator Windows NES 458 KB Download Emulator
Higan Windows, Linux and macOS NES, SNES, GameBoy Color and GameBoy Advance 5 MB Download Emulator
FCEUX Windows, Mac OS, Linux NES 71.1 MB Download Emulator
Bizhawk Windows NES, Nintendo 64, Virtyal Boy, Game Boy Advance, Color and Classic, Sony PlayStation and more 30.1 MB Download Emulator
Dolphin Windows and Linux NES, Game Cube, Wii 11.7 MB Download Emulator

Which is the best NES emulator for PC?

Although there are other options that are very interesting, such as RetroArch, Nestopia is a very complete emulator that has a lot of very useful functions. And yes, it is true that RetroArch is even more complete than Nestopia, but it is somewhat more complicated to use and it is not an emulator that serves only and specifically to emulate NES games on PC.

With Nestopia you can emulate any ROM of the first Nintendo console, besides having the ability to record your games using the emulator itself. It also has cheats or tricks, which allow us to change, among other things, the speed at which the game runs.

How to download and install NES emulator for PC?

This emulator is completely free and the installation is super simple, similar to that of any other PC program. It should be noted that this emulator is not updated since 2008, although it is also true that it no longer needs any update. You can download it from the following link:

Link – Download Nestopia for PC

How to download and install NES games for emulator

Although there are some titles that deserve that you download them separately specifically, the truth is that the best thing in these cases is to download a pack of roms containing the maximum number of games possible. In this case, we have created a pack with more than 600 NES ROMs, so you can have endless hours of fun using this emulator. You will practically have access to all the games of the console for free.

Link – Download PACK of NES ROMs (+600)