Pokémon Infinite Fusion [v5.3.1] Download PC & Android

Pokemon Infinite Fusion is a Pokémon fanmade game that features the revolutionary mechanic of fusing Pokémons, allowing you to create more than 176,000 different combinations. This new functionality opens up a whole world of possibilities: can you imagine combining two legendary Pokémons? This is one of the most played unofficial Pokémon games today, being played by famous streamers such as Folagor or Knekro.

Name: Pokémon Infinite Fusionm
Device: PC Windows
Size: 1GB (Installer)
Version: 5.3.1
Update: July 2023
Price Free
Utility Pokémon Fan Made Game

In Pokémon Infinite Fusion we will have access to all Pokémons from generation 1 and 2, plus some additional Pokémons from other generations (+101). The game is set in the regions of Kanto and Johto, offering a total of 16 gyms with their respective leaders. Mind you, both regions will be slightly changed, as Kanto will feature a graphics redesign, inspired by generations 4 and 5; and Johto will feature additional new post-game zones.

Pokemon Infinite Fusion

Are you already understanding why this game is gaining so much popularity? Well, that's not all, as this tremendous Pokémon Fan Game also features a post-game zone that will take us to the Sevii Islands. It also includes a total of 25 legendary Pokémons and 40 new side quests, among many other details that we encourage you to discover on your own.

Pokémon Infinite Fusion Calculator / Generator

If you are going to play this game and do not want to wait to discover by trial and error which Pokémon will appear from the fusion of 2 different ones, you can use the Pokémon Infinite Fusion calculator, designed specifically for this function. With it, you will be able to fuse any Pokémon and discover the 2 possible results that could appear from any fusion. It will be a very useful tool in your journey through Kanto and Johto.

Pokémon Infinite Fusion Pokédex

As mentioned before, this game has all the Pokémons from the first 2 generations, and some additional ones from the next 5 generations. You can check the complete Pokedex (without fusions) at the following link.

Link - Pokédex