Pokémon Phoenix Rising | Download [PC & Android]

Pokémon Phoenix Rising is the most spectacular and innovative Pokémon fan-game to date. It is a project that any Pokémon (and especially fangame) fan should try. Unfortunately, for now we only have a DEMO version (4-6 hours of gameplay) that was released in 2018, and has not been updated since then (we’ll explain why later).

Name: Pokémon Phoenix Rising
Devices: PC (Windows)
Size: 532 MB
Version: v0.1.5.1
Update: 2018
Price Free Download

Pokémon Phoenix Rising focuses on renewing as much as possible the concept we have of a Pokémon game. To give an example, in this game there are no gyms, nor will we have the goal of completing the Pokémon League. In fact, it has a quite interesting decision-making system, so that the player can directly influence the course of the story. And this is just one of the new features, since it has new graphics, new map, new story…

Pokémon Phoenix Rising Mega-Evolutions

Pokémon Phoenix Rising – What’s New

  • New Map, New Story and New Graphics
  • New Decision Making System.
  • New Map, New Story and New Graphics.
  • Possibility to customize your character with new outfits and accessories.
  • Skill tree that will allow you to improve your character and its possibilities.
  • Mission system.
  • New Mega Evolutions.
  • New Relic Forms.
  • New “Let’s Play” mode, designed specifically for PC.

When is Pokémon Phoenix Rising coming out?

As we have already mentioned, for now only a DEMO version is available, which includes only the first episode of the story, and offers about 4-6 hours of gameplay. Despite the fact that we are facing a spectacular release (and more for the date in which it was released), everything seems to indicate that we will not have an update of this DEMO version in the very near future.

Pokémon Phoenix Rising Relic Forms

In July 2023 it was announced on the Official Discord that they were working on an update with improvements and big-fixes, and that in the future they want to work on the development of episode 2. Anyway, it’s already 5 years since the release of the initial DEMO, so it’s all guesswork and we could wait for months or years before seeing an update (or that it never arrives).