PokeMMO – Download for PC & Android [Pokémon Online]

PokeMMO is an unofficial Pokémon fan-game that, as its name suggests, has an online multiplayer mode, in which you can interact with other players. It is one of the best Pokémon Online, not to say the best, since it has certain features and very interesting novelties that we will not be able to find in any other.

Name: PokéMMO
Device: PC Windows
Size: 95MB
Version: Johto Update
Update: August 2023
Price Free
Utility Pokémon Online Fan Made Game

In PokeMMO we will not only be able to battle Online against other players (as it might seem at first), but it is also a Pokémon game like any other, in which we will have to complete the main mission: compeltar the Pokémon league. The game incorporates a total of 5 regions, along with their 5 generations of Pokémon (and their respective legendaries).

Despite being like any other game, the online multiplayer options offered by PokeMMO make it unique. For example, there is a market where you can sell Pokémon and items to other players, receiving money in exchange that you can use in your game. In addition, and as you can imagine, you can face any other player in a Pokémon Online battle to measure your strength. It even features daily tournaments and special events.

PokeMMO is undoubtedly one of the best unofficial Pokémon experiences you can enjoy today. The genius of combining the normal Pokémon concept with the functions of an MMO gives it a very special touch, which is hard to find in other titles. It should be noted that in order to play this game you will need the original ROMs of the Pokémon games included.

Not long ago, in August, a new update was added to the game, which incorporates the Johto region and brings several new features (in addition to the main story of the new region).

PokeMMO news

  • 5 regions
  • 5 Pokémon generations: Black/White, Fire Red, Emerald, Platinum and Heart Gold/SoulSilver
  • MMO features: Online Battles, Marketplace, Interactions with other players...
  • Special mechanics per region