Download Best SNES Emulator for Windows PC + ALL ROMS

The Super Nintendo, or SNES, has been one of the most iconic consoles in the history of video games. Today, we can download a free SNES emulator for PC that allows us to enjoy all these games from the comfort of Windows.

Name S.O. Console Size Download
ZSNES Windows, Linux, DOS SNES 913.1 KB Download Emulator
Snes9x Windows, Linux, Mac Os, DOS SNES 3.7 MB Download Emulator
SnesGT Windows SNES 392,72K Download Emulator
Mednafen Windows SNES, NES, GameBoy Advance and more 13.5 MB Download Emulator
Higan Windows, Linux, Mac OS SNES, NES GBA, Game Boy Color 5 MB Download Emulator
RetroArch Windows, Mac OS, Linux SNES, Nintendo, PlayStation, Wii, Gamecube, PSP, Switch and more 166 MB Download Emulator

Which is the best SNES emulator for PC?

As of today, there are several SNES emulators for PC, but ZSNES and Snesx9 are positioned as the most relevant and complete in the current market. Both have the ability to emulate almost any SNES game with just the ROM of it. In addition, given the current power of PCs compared to the consoles of the Super Nintendo era, almost any Windows PC can run perfectly any game with this emulator.

With both ZSNES and Snesx9 you will have the option to record your games from the emulator itself, being one of the most interesting features that an emulator can offer today. In addition, both have numerous configuration options that will allow you to fully emulate the experience of playing retro SNES games.

How to download and install SNES emulator for PC?

Both ZSNES and Snesx9 are completely free and can be easily downloaded and installed by following the links below. Honestly, you can choose any of the two, as they are almost identical in terms of functionalities and performance.

Link – Download ZSNES for PC

Link – Download Snesx9 for PC

How to download and install SNES games for emulator

Today, the most recommended is to download a pack of games for SNES, to download at once more than 100 games with which to spend hours and hours of guaranteed fun. Here we leave you a pack with all the SNES ROMS in a single file, of only 1.23GB. Installing the ROMs is as simple as telling the emulator in which folder are the ROMs of the pack you are going to download.

Link – Download all the SNES ROMs