How to download Super Mario Bros for PC – Windows 7, 8 & 10

Many people are looking for how to play Super Mario Bros for PC, without realizing that it is a Nintendo exclusive game. But what if I tell you that I can teach you how to download Super Mario Bros for PC, so that you can enjoy almost any Nintendo plumber game on your Windows PC?

mario for pc

The process to enjoy Mario games on PC is very simple, and what is more important, totally free. In order to achieve our goal, we will only need to get our hands on the fantastic Nintendo emulators that we have available for PC.

How to Play Super Mario Bros on PC

When we talk about Mario games, we must differentiate between the classics (in 2D), and the most innovative (in 3D). Although both have relatively low graphic requirements, it is clear that games like Super Mario Bros U Deluxe are much easier to emulate on any PC than games like Super Mario Odyssey.

To give you an idea, any Super Mario game from GBA, NDS, GameCube or Wii, are perfectly playable on a PC. In the case of Nintendo Switch titles, it will depend on the power of your PC, and the compatibilities of the available emulator.

These are the emulators that stand out the most for each of the Nintendo consoles:

Once you have the emulator installed, you will only need to get hold of the ROM or XCi file of the game, necessary for the emulator to be able to offer us the original game from our PC. Finding the game files and downloading them is totally free and will not take you more than a few minutes. If you need more instructions on how to install the emulators or the games, you can access the sections of each of the emulators, where you can see how to do it step by step.