Download Teachmint for PC (Educational platform)

Teachmint (Android & iOS) is a mobile application that is focused on virtual classes and everything related to videoconferencing in the educational and work environment. It is the best known and most used virtual platform in India and is increasingly gaining more weight in other countries around the world thanks to its many features. With this application we will not have to be computer experts to know how to use it, since it is made for our children to use it.

In addition, during these times of pandemic in which classes were suspended, Teachmint was one of the most valued applications and for which many children, both in India and in other countries, did not lose the rhythm of the school year and could continue to progress normally in their classes and studies.

With Teachmint for PC we can take advantage of all the benefits offered by this application from our Windows, obtaining an identical service to the mobile app.


This application is endowed with some great features and functions, in which we can highlight:

  • Interface very easy to handle and intuitive, suitable for children
  • Manage classes and students
  • Create and share assignments, tests, quizzes
  • Manage the homework calendar
  • Resolve students’ doubts in real time
  • Manage, record and view classes
  • Individual and/or group tutorials with students
  • Use screen sharing
  • You can chat between students
  • Attendance automatically
  • Compatible with audio and image devices
  • Totally free of charge
  • Download different content such as assignments and even recorded lectures
  • Easy to set up

How to install Teachmint for PC (Windows 7, 8 and 10)

Since Teachmint is an application that a priori is only available on Android and iOS, we will need to use an emulator for PC that allows us to install and use it on Windows. To do this, we will only need to follow a few simple steps:

    1. Download and install BlueStacks on Windows.
    2. Open BlueStacks as administrator.
    3. Download the latest version of Teachmint from these two links on Drive and Mega, respectively: link1 and link2
    4. Click on the right side area “Install APK”
    5. Select the APK file you want to install.
    6. Once this is done, and after waiting for a few seconds, the application will be ready to use normally from BlueStacks.
    7. If you have any doubts about BlueStacks, you can consult our complete guide on the subject.

Following these simple instructions you can get the Teachmint application with all its features from your PC.