Download V380 PRO for PC (Webcam Remote Surveillance)

V380 Pro (Android & iOS) If you’re looking for a convenient way to monitor and control your home or business, you can’t overlook V380 PRO. This amazing app lets you turn your phone into a smart security camera, providing you with an easy and convenient way to keep an eye on your important spaces. With V380 PRO for PC, you’ll be able to monitor in real time, receive motion detection notifications and access stored recordings, all from the convenience of your mobile device. Get ready to discover a new way to protect and keep your most precious places safe with V380 PRO app!

V380 PRO is a versatile app that has become a must-have for those looking for an efficient and affordable security solution. It turns your phone into a smart security camera in seconds, without the need for additional equipment.

Download V380 PRO for PC, Android & iOS :
Name: V380 PRO
Devices: Android, PC
Size: 93’8 MB
Version: v2.0.03
Update: 17 May. 2023
Price Free


V380 PRO’s most outstanding functions and features:

  1. Real-time surveillance: With V380 PRO, you can view your cameras in real time from anywhere. You only need an Internet connection to access live streams and monitor what’s happening in your spaces in real time. This is perfect for those times when you are away from home or need to monitor your business.
  2. Smart Notifications: Worried about missing an important event while you’re away? V380 PRO will keep you informed by sending motion detection notifications to your mobile device. If any of your cameras detects motion, you’ll receive an instant alert, allowing you to take quick action if necessary.
  3. Recording and playback: V380 PRO allows you to record and store surveillance videos so you can review them later. Whether you want to review a past event or need evidence, the recording function gives you peace of mind. Plus, you can access stored recordings directly from the app and play them back whenever you want.
  4. Funnel: V380 PRO allows you to record and store surveillance videos so you can review them later.
  5. Additional Features: V380 PRO offers a wide range of additional features, such as the ability to take screenshots, control PTZ camera movement (pan, tilt and zoom), enable night vision and more. These features allow you to customize your surveillance experience to your specific needs.

As alternatives to V380 PRO, consider the following similar applications:

  1. Alfred Home Security Camera: This app turns your mobile device into a security camera and allows you to monitor and receive motion notifications. It also offers recording and playback functions.
  2. IP Webcam: Turn your phone into an IP security camera with this application. It allows you to watch live streams, record videos and access them from anywhere.
  3. WardenCam: This application allows you to turn your mobile devices into security cameras and monitor them through an easy-to-use interface. It also includes motion detection and recording features.

These applications will provide you with additional options to protect and monitor your important spaces. Explore these alternatives and find the one that best suits your security and surveillance needs. Don’t miss the opportunity to take advantage of technology and keep your places safe with V380 PRO and its alternatives!

How to install V380 Pro for PC (Windows)

Since V380 PRO is an application that a priori is only available on Android and iOS, we will need to use an emulator for PC that allows us to install and use it on Windows. To do this, we will only need to follow a few simple steps:

    1. Download and install BlueStacks on your Windows device
    2. Open BlueStacks as an administrator.
    3. Download the most recent version of V380 PRO.
    4. Click on the area on the right side called “Install APK” inside BlueStacks.
    5. Select the APK file that you want to install on BlueStacks.
    6. Once this process is completed and after a short wait, the application will be ready to be used normally from BlueStacks.
    7. If you have any questions about BlueStacks, you can check out our complete guide on the subject.

By following these simple instructions you will be able to get the V380 PRO application with all its functionalities from your PC.