Download Wordle for PC (Word Game)

Wordle (Android & iOS) is a mental agility game for mobile in which we have to find a daily hidden word of 5 letters in a maximum of 6 attempts and without any clue. It is a very simple game and with which we can start every day exercising our brain in a comfortable and simple way, this game will like a lot to Scrabble players or passionate about crossword puzzles.

In addition, having a mysterious word every day, it will make us not get tired quickly and that hooks us every day to play to hit the word in the fewest possible attempts.

Wordle for PC

With Wordle for PC we will be able to take advantage of all the benefits offered by this game from our Windows, obtaining an identical service to that of the mobile device. You can access this game through the Wordle website, which we leave linked in the name of the game. Although it is a very simple game, before starting the game there is a brief explanation of the rules and how the game works, which we now explain.

It must also be said that for users who are more into numbers than letters, there is another game of similar characteristics, NERDLE, but with simple mathematical operations. The operation of this game and its peculiar characteristics will be explained in another post.

How to play Wordle

  • You have to put an initial word, the most ideal would be a word that contains 3 different vowels, as this will make us have a clearer idea of the word to solve.
  • If the letters of the word we put are grayed out, it is because that letter does not appear in the word to be solved, which will also mark it on the keyboard to avoid repeating it again.
  • If the letter appears in yellow, it indicates that the letter is in the word but not in the place where we have put it.
  • And if it appears in green, it means that we have guessed correctly both the letter and its position. Keep in mind that the same letter may be repeated.
  • The purpose of Wordle , is to solve the word with as few attempts as possible, we have unlimited time, but we will only have one word to solve per day and that same word, is the same for all users who play.
  • Wordle , is to solve the word with as few attempts as possible, we have unlimited time, but we will only have one word to solve per day and that same word, is the same for all users who play.
  • At the end of the game, we will see our statistics based on the daily hits, which we can share with our friends and / or family, and compete for who gets the words right more times with the fewest possible attempts.
  • Other features that has Wordle, is that it is equipped with a dark mode as they are used to have many applications and game, and the most surprising is that it has a color-blind mode, so it is a game that gives accessibility to many users and in which there is no excuse not to play.

New game modes in Wordle

Wordle which has become fashionable a couple of months ago thanks to the social network Twitter, where thousands of users share their results every day and as a result has gone viral. Thanks to this popularity that is emerging so fast, they have created 2 other different modes for users who are left wanting more and raising the difficulty level a little bit.

These 2 modes are: Tildes and Scientific. The first one, there is no clear rule of how many letters are, every day varies the number of letters that contains the word, since the words of 5 letters with accents are limited. The scientific mode follows the same criteria as the normal version, but with words related to the world of science.

With the good reception that Wordle is having, surely from now on they will surprise us with an update and another new mode to play and complement the following ones.

How to install Wordle for PC (Windows 7, 8 and 10)

Since Wordle is an application that a priori is only available on Android and iOS, we will need to use an emulator for PC that allows us to install and use it on Windows. To do this, we will only need to follow a few simple steps:

    1. Download and install BlueStacks on Windows.
    2. Open BlueStacks as administrator.
    3. Download the latest version of Wordle from these two links on Drive and Mega, respectively: link1 and link2
    4. Click on the right side area “Install APK”
    5. Select the APK file you want to install.
    6. Once this is done, and after waiting for a few seconds, the application will be ready to use normally from BlueStacks.
    7. If you have any doubts about BlueStacks, you can consult our complete guide on the subject.

Following these simple instructions you can get the Wordle application with all its features from your PC.