Download Xamarin para PC [Android Emulator]

Xamarin is one of the best alternatives when we talk about Android emulator for PC, which allows us to emulate all kinds of Android mobile applications and games from our computer. This emulator is also compatible with Mac OS systems.

Name Xamarin
OS Windows , Mac OS
Size 83.19 MB
Latest Version 0.5.5

Xamarin offers a wide range of possibilities when it comes to emulating both Android games and applications for our PC. It easily runs the vast majority of applications available for Android, in addition to offering an interface with features that are quite easy to use. With this emulator, it will seem that we have an Android device on our computer, we will see all the features such as battery, menu, applications, etc, with the aesthetics of a cell phone.

When downloading Xamarin, we have to keep in mind that an indispensable requirement is to have VirtualBox, so if we do not have it installed on our PC, it will be downloaded automatically when downloading Xamarin.

Download for PC Windows 7, 8 and 10

To download Xamarin for Pc, we will have to use any of the download links below:

Download – Option 1Option 2.