Download Zoom for PC (Windows 7, 8 and 10)

This time we bring you an application to make calls through our computer. In this article we show you how to download Zoom for PC.

It is a new program to make video calls or video conferences that has become popular in the last year mainly due to the boom in teleworking caused by the pandemic. This simple program allows us to make video calls quickly and quality with our family or friends, also allows us to establish a free platform for business meetings. Connect with your colleagues, clients or suppliers in the simplest and most uncomplicated way by downloading Zoom for PC.

How to download Zoom for PC

In the case of Zoom we can download the program for PC directly from its website for free. Here is the link so that you can access the download directly.

  1. Download Zoom for PC for free at the following link.
  2. Once you have clicked on the link you only have to download and install the application on your PC and you will be able to enjoy an application with a video chat with capacity for more than 100 users.