Gacha Designer for PC [Windows & Android] – Download

Gacha Designer is, without a doubt, the most pioneering and ambitious Gacha MOD announced to date. Developed by Beowulf and his team, Gacha Designer aims to include so many new features that any other known MOD falls far behind what it offers. Unfortunately, it is still in the development phase.

Name: Gacha Designer
Devices: Android, PC
Size: Unknown
Version: v1.0
Update: To be confirmed
Price Free Download

When is Gacha Designer coming out

Many people ask the same question, but Beowulf already answered it in her last Q&A about the MOD. The team member commented that at the very least we will have to wait 1 or 2 years for the release of the MOD. Although it may seem like a long time to wait, the truth is that it looks like it will be worth it, as the work shown so far is impressive.

What's new in Gacha Designer?

Although the MOD is not yet finished, there is already a list planned by the developers (which could change in the future). Here are some of the things they plan to include in the MOD:

  • New Aesthetic interface very easy to use
  • New store
  • PNG export
  • Customized Backgrounds
  • Function to import custom Assets or your own.
  • Hundreds of new high-quality Assets.

As you can see, if the team behind this MOD delivers as promised, we could be looking at an App that ranks even above any other Lunime application. This MOD would completely change the current possibilities within the game, so we can only wait for its release.

How to download Gacha Designer and install on Android and Windows?

This MOD is not yet available (normal, given all the development involved in what they want to prepare). However, the moment it is available, the download will be free and the installation as easy as any other Android or Windows.