Gacha Nebula APK for PC & Android – Download v1.0

Gacha Nebula is the new update of Gacha Nox, a Gacha Club MOD developed by Noxula that is giving much to talk about in the community. It is currently still under development, but its previous version, Gacha Nox, is already available for download on Android and Windows PC.

Name: Gacha Nebula
Devices: Android, PC
Size: Not Available
Version: v1.1.0
Update: Coming Soon
Price Free Download

Gacha Nebula is one of the most anticipated future releases by the community. In the beginning, Noxula released the famous Gacha Nox, which was later withdrawn because of being accused of plagiarism in most of the new assets included in the MOD. Following this, Noxula announced a new release, Gacha Nebula, which is already in development, in which all the content included will be 100% original. Now we can only wait for it to be released, as no one doubts the quality of this release.

Update: Gacha Nebula is very close to being released, as it is in its testing and bug fixing phase. As soon as it is released, it will be available for download to play on both Android and PC.

How to download and install Gacha Nebula on PC and Android?

The installation process on Android and Windows is identical to that of many other applications of this type. Just download the file you need, either APK or .EXE, and open it on your device. On Android you will need to install the application, while on Windows you will be able to play directly just by opening the executable file.

What's new in Gacha Nebula (former Gacha Nox)?

  • New elements and accessories
  • Different T-shirt sleeves
  • New pants
  • Different types of props
  • Brightness in the eyes of the characters
  • Renewed backgrounds
  • Includes a pose of the great Mika Rou
  • Halloween props available to complement your character

Included in the current Gacha Nox are many novelties that will be removed because they belong to other people. But they will be replaced with novelties that are already being worked on.