Gacha Pastry for PC & Android – Download [v1.0.0]

Gacha Pastry is one of the latest outstanding releases within the Gacha MODs community. This new release from the creator of Gacha Gacha brings with it a good amount of new assets divided into different categories, with which you will be able to customize your OCs in new ways.

Name: Gacha Designer
Devices: Android, PC
Size: Unknown
Version: v1.0
Update: To be confirmed
Price Free Download

What's new in the new Gacha Pastry

Gacha Pastry does not offer any additional new features beyond the new assets, which are divided among the following categories (keeping in mind that some of the assets come from Gacha Gacha, the developer's previous MOD):

It is worth noting that the assets of Gacha Pastry APK have been designed by Sanriobaby, a well-known designer within the community. Take a look at GachaXY's review of the MOD, where you can take a closer look at the new assets, and decide if you are interested in downloading it.

How to Download Gacha Pastry for PC

Luckily, Gacha Pastry has a dedicated PC version, which makes it much easier to access the game from Windows without the need for an emulator. You'll just have to download the file, unzip it, and open the .exe file it contains.