4 Best STEERING WHEELS for PC and PlayStation 5 [COMPARATIVE]

Here are the best steering wheels for PC in value for money, they are also compatible with PlayStation, to add as a unique complement to your favorite car racing games. With this accessory you will get a great feeling and it will seem that you are driving a real car. Most of the steering wheels on the market, usually include pedals to make your experience absolute and in this post we will show you the different ranges of quality and price that are on the market.

Obviously if a steering wheel is of a higher range, the most normal thing is that its price goes up, but all of them have very similar characteristics. What differentiate the PC steering wheels , are small details for a beginner player and even a more noticeable difference for a more experienced player, already looking for ergonomic performance, driving and handling higher.

Name Photo Pedals Gear shift lever Range Compatibility Angle of rotation Price
Logitech G29 Driving Force Volante Logitech G29 Driving Force Logitech G29 Driving Force Palanca de cambios manual opcional Logitech G29 Intermedia PS5, PS4, PS3 PC, Mac 900º
Hori Apex Volante Hori Apex Volante Hori Apex (PEDALES) Not included Low PS5, PS4, PC

180º Arcade

270º Simulación

Thrustmaster T300 GT Volante Thrustmaster T300 GT Pedales volante Thrustmaster T300 GT Edition Not included High PS5, PS4, PC 1080º
Thrumaster T248 Volante Thrustmaster T248 Pedales volante Thrustmaster T248 Not included Intermedia PS5, PS4, PC 900º

If you are passionate about video games and car racing, your experience will change completely when you have this complement in your home, as it also offers different features that we can not get with the keyboard or with a normal console controller. Our feeling when spending time with our favorite video game, will be totally different because we will be entering a totally immersive game, where we will notice every little detail to the fullest feeling that we drive a real car.

The best steering wheels for PC & Mac & PS

Logitech G29 Driving Force Steering Wheel

  • This is a steering wheel designed for racing games both PlayStation5, PS4, PS3 and with which we can also enjoy playing on our PC.
  • This PC steering wheel has Force Feedback, a system with 2 engines fully designed to simulate realism at its highest level, allows us to make turns of up to 900 °, or what is the same, 2 and a half turns at the wheel as allowed by the race cars.
  • It gives us a firm, fluid and precise control of our steering wheel and gives us a more realistic feeling of our driving thanks to the vibration effects (not at all annoying, it makes us feel as if we had a car in our hands) and of the tires in each turn.
  • The G29 steering wheel comes with 3 independent pedals on a platform that we can place on the floor to accelerate, brake and change gears as if we were driving a sports car.



Logitech G29 Driving Force Steering Wheel

  • The action is smooth and quiet thanks to its transmission system that reduces noise and unwanted vibrations. In addition, it also has a helical gear system against excessive slack, which allows us to always keep the pedals and the G29 steering wheel steady.
  • The steering control, console buttons and semi-automatic shift levers are located on the steering wheel itself to provide comfort and you do not have to take your eyes off the screen so you do not suffer any kind of misplacement that makes your rivals can beat you.
  • It also has an LED indicator that lights up just above the center of the steering wheel when we must go up or down a gear.
  • Integrated clamps and bolts allow the steering wheel to be securely mounted on a table or driving stand, minimizing movement or oscillations during high-risk and more aggressive maneuvers.


Logitech G29 optional manual shifter

  • You can complement your G29 steering wheel and pedals SET by adding a 6-speed manual shifter (sold separately) for more complete support and a more realistic driving experience.
  • The steering wheel shaft and pedals are made of stainless steel bearings as well as the gearshift lever, and the G29 steering wheel is covered with hand-stitched leather.
  • Driving Force has consciously designed this steering wheel to offer an absolute simulation of racing games and to have a greater sense of grip and stability when using this complete SET.

Hori Apex steering wheel

  • This steering wheel, manufactured by the Sony company, obviously gets the license for PlayStation and is compatible with PS3, PS4 and PC.  We are talking about a steering wheel coated with non-slip rubber for a more secure grip, in which we also have 2 protrusions on the back of the wheel to place the thumbs and thus have greater control of it.
  • We can find on the central axis of the steering wheel all the buttons that we are accustomed to having in a PS controller with all the same functions and with the option to configure them as we wish to adapt the game mode to our own style of driving, with which we feel more comfortable to face our rivals.


Hori Apex Steering Wheel

  • It has a size of 28 cm in diameter, similar to that of racing cars to make it even more realistic, also has 2 options for attachment to the table or driving support where we want to put our steering wheel, either by a clamp or by suction cups, either of the 2 ways gives us a great fixation to prevent movement.
  • It has a vibration system TouchSense technology, with which you can feel the asphalt as if you were driving the car in your own hands, has up to 7 different levels of sensitivity to adjust the response of the steering wheel that best suits your characteristics or on which you feel more comfortable when it comes to handling it.


Hori Apex Steering Wheel (PEDALS)


  • Another feature of this steering wheel is that it has an adjustable steering angle, 180º in arcade mode and up to 270º in simulation mode. Thus simulating a much more realistic experience in racing games.
  • This steering wheel includes 2 pedals (accelerator and brake) with folding footrest, you can have greater control of the pedals by selecting and adjusting the intensity that best suits your driving and at its base consists of an extensible part for a safer and more efficient driving.

Thrustmaster T300 GT steering wheel

  • We are talking about a steering wheel compatible with PS5, PS4 and PC, with the official license from Sony and Gran Turismo, which will allow us to perform car races in a more efficient way and with all the comforts of the world at our fingertips.
  • It features a quick and easy steering wheel change system to enjoy different driving styles, a frictionless dual-belt system for smooth gaming sessions with no dead zones.
  • Its fast brushless motor of almost 25W power, will allow us to achieve a more realistic and sensitive force feedback, with excellent responsiveness and super quiet system. In addition it will also allow us to reach a steering angle of up to 1080º, thus being able to adjust it to the driving style that best suits our characteristics.Thrustmaster T300 GT Steering Wheel
  • The racing wheel is 28 cm in diameter and weighs about 1’2 kg, has central spokes of brushed metal and reinforced rubber texture around the circumference of the steering wheel, behind the steering wheel appear 2 large fixed paddles about 13 cm to change gears to facilitate our driving and avoid diverting our attention from the screen.
  • On the same steering wheel we can find all the official PlayStation buttons, which we can change settings to suit our driving style and thus be able to have a greater playability.
  • It has a robust and versatile fastening system, compatible with all supports such as desks, tables, cabins or own driving supports manufactured for this purpose.

Thrustmaster T300 GT Edition steering wheel pedals

  • This steering wheel SET includes 3 pedals T3PAGT, and is compatible with the T-LCM Pedals pedal set (sold separately), compatible also with the Thrustmaster TH8A shifter and the sequential shifter, progressive handbrake TSS Handbrake (sold separately)
  • Pedals are metal and fully height adjustable and spaced with 6 positions for each pedal with long travel, brake pedal contains progressive resistance, thus making a more realistic simulation. It contains internal memory and upgradable firmware.
  • It has H.E.A.R.T magnetic technology in both the pedals and the gear shift paddles located behind the steering wheel, which allows us an instantaneous response and a much faster and smoother shifting feeling. Based on a system of non-contact magnets and without any friction, it allows a greater durability of the product thus increasing its life, even with the most intense gaming sessions.

Thrustmaster T248 steering wheel

  • Here’s another steering wheel from the ever-reliable Thrustmaster brand, this time the T248 steering wheel. This is a lower-end steering wheel than the previous one, as it was a special edition. It gets the official PlayStation license, compatible with PS5, PS4 and PC.
  • The characteristics are very similar since this manufacturer always offers us optimal guarantees in terms of driving racing video games is concerned, but in which we can highlight the following aspects:
  • Versatile steering wheel, suitable for any driving style with a premium design, leather coating around the circumference of the steering wheel. It features a selection of more than 20 different displays on its integrated screen, manual adjustment of various settings such as force feedback type, steering wheel turning angle or the choice of user telemetry information (gears, RPM, best lap time etc..)

Thrustmaster T248 Steering Wheel

  • Featuring 25 action buttons including 2 dual position encoders, located on the ends of the steering wheel’s center spokes. This wide range of physical and virtual buttons allows users to have a wide variety of options when it comes to assigning driving controls, so we can adapt any type of game to our driving characteristics and not the other way around.
  • Force Feedback dynamic, compatible with all games and modifiable on the fly directly on the steering wheel. With this system you can have better control in the skid and feel all the effects that are provided in the races as if you were driving the car yourself, if you get on a curb, you go off track, drifting etc…
  • It also features a next-generation Hybrid Drive system, where you’ll see up to 70% additional power increase over the previous T150 steering wheel. This system avoids the contradictory sensations and friction problems commonly found in racing wheels without a belt drive component.

Thrustmaster T248 steering wheel pedals

  • Thanks to H.E.A.R.T magnetic technology, the T248’s paddles allow for faster and smoother shifting, with a precise feel to avoid driving errors with a 30ms response time. The lmagnetic shifter cams provide instant response and super-sharp shifting feel
  • With the magnetic pedal set you get millisecond precision, in which it also allows you 4 different brake pedal pressure modes. It features a very smooth movement avoiding loss of precision both in terms of versatility and play responsiveness.  This precision has a resolution of 12-bit on PC and 10-bit on PS4 and PS5.

Other steering wheels from the manufacturer Thrustmaster:

  • Thrustmaster T150 
  • Thrustmaster TMX
  • Thrustmaster T300RS
  • Thrustmaster TM
  • Thrustmaster TX
  • Thrustmaster T-GT
  • Thrustmaster TS
  • Thrustmaster F599XX


Thrustmaster is a company specialized in the manufacture of additional components to complement your game modes, focused on car driving and flying video games, in which we can find a multitude of products such as steering wheels, pedals, gear shifters etc.. Here we only name you a small sample of the wheels for PC and other products that complement them and that we find most interesting, but they have a wide variety of items with which you can enjoy a much more immersive experience of racing video games.